Saturday, October 16, 2010

Typical Demo

A typical demo starts with a rider setup on the Pedal Force Simulator.  We go through the menus on the display and pick a flat course.
Start by riding up hill.  Ride seated for a while.  Get out of the saddle and climb for a while.  We pick a slope that matches a local hill with which the rider is familiar.

Setup a flat couse.  Come up to sprint speed.  Sprint seated, sprint out of the saddle.

Ride a cyclocross course.  The course has grass, pavement, sand, and a very short, steep uphill.  The course icon gives a rider some warning that the surface or slope is going to change so a rider can shift to the appropriate gear.

Setup a kilo course.  Do a standing start.

Explain the Workout concept.  Follow the display to conduct the Workout.  Workouts are recorded in a way that each Workout can be retrieved from the database.

Select the "Downhill with Tailwind" course.  "Yes, I am warmed up and feeling good."

At this point, the difference between a Pedal Force Simulator and a trainer is very clear.

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